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Mushroom Logs and Mushroom Gardens

So many people have shady yards and think they don’t have enough sun to grow food. But they can grow mushrooms! A mushroom log is a log that has been inoculated with a desirable species of fungus. These logs then produce mushrooms that can be eaten fresh or dried or made into medicinal tea.

There are many ways to manage logs in order to maximize production of the mushrooms from the log, but the easiest way to grow them is to literally put the logs in a shady, damp place and leave them there. Eventually, the conditions will be right for the logs to produce mushrooms and they will do so. The key is to see them when they’re fruiting and harvest them before they go bad!

A mushroom garden is a place where you grow mushrooms in the shade, near a path or within line of sight of an area where you pass by frequently. They can be extremely pretty places. A fountain and a bench provide perfect backdrops for mushroom gardens. On a hot day in the summer the mushroom garden is where we want to spend our time.

We currently have in stock:

  • Shiitake Logs
  • Oyster mushroom Logs
  • Reishi Mushroom Logs

Shiitake mushroom logs

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